Episode 10023:22nd Century Hamburgers

May 3, 2010 8:00 am

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Nils Norén and Dave Arnold, of the French Culinary Institute, are the Dr. Doom and Red Skull of the food world, a diabolical pair of mad scientists that every chef and gastronome looks to with a mixture of fear and awe. We last saw them making a hi-tech pecan sour. Today, it’s a 22nd century burger.

3 Responses to “22nd Century Hamburgers”

JOSH looks like their hopes and dreams sank as you told them what you thought. Looks as thou snot was leaking out. Good one my boy!

Great piece!
Looks like the burger retains a little too much juice.. I am a big fan of the “big burger” as opposed to the patty style.. (see “Smashburger”) and there is certainly a challenge in keeping it moist and delictable..

I recent tried the Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern.. I must say I was not very impressed. Overly salted, seemed to be pan fried..

The search for the perfect burger continues…

[...] in a bag, I decided to arrange a taste test. It wasn’t actually that good, but it was interesting enough to make a video about. While I was there, they asked me if I wanted to see how they made a pecan bourbon sour, and that [...]

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