Episode 10279:Marc Forgione is Making a Steak for Meatopia. That is All.

August 8, 2012 10:56 am

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OK, so if you are into steak, settle back and lock the door. This one is something. Marc Forgione is making a rib steak with bone marrow maitre ‘d butter. It was spattering so much in the kitchen that I had to take my shirt off, because I can’t ruin another one. But ignore that man in the wife-beater and just check out this steak.

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tears of joy

OK Josh, now I feel like you are back in your sweet spot. This is the Ozersky TV I have come to love and look forward to receiving.

Josh, you know I am a huge fan; but I am surprised that A: you actually took your shirt off in the kitchen and B: that Chef allowed you to and then to stay.

Personally that does not enhance the video as the first thing to pop into my Consumer’s head is the illusion of how unsanitary and how unsavory it looks. Please don’t do that again – that is why there are cleaners if spatter should hit.

HINT** If you are wearing a shirt and are afraid of stains for whatever reason spray said shirt with Scotchguard and whatever hits it will come right off at the cleaners.

I do that to all my valuable clothes that I worry will get food stains and it works.

Thanks for the cleaning tips, Natalie! Keep ‘em coming! I could use them.

Vincent Cassinetti


I’m confused. After Mark cooked the steak in the pan, he put it on a cold baking sheet. Did he then put it in the oven, if so, what was the temp and for how long? If not, was it finished after the pan?

Makes me want one now!!! Wonderful. Already go to to Meatopia.


BAD ASS STEAK. I still think F. Becker’s steak looked best.

[...] realize that all this animal welfare stuff is kind of a buzzkill. I myself would rather watch Marc Forgione make a steak than worry about how cows I have never seen will meet their end. But the longer I do Meatopia, the [...]

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Josh, Finally got a chance to watch this. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can’t WAIT for Meatopia! It is by far the best day of the year!

for the love of god, no one wants to see a hairy silver back in the middle of a cooking vid.

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