About Mexican food

Mexican food is as complex as the various popular foods from countries such as Japan and China. In particular, the food has been developed based on techniques that have been developed for thousands of years. In most cases, the food is often prepared with ingredients that are native to Mexico. More so, ingredients that are sourced from the Spanish natives are common. The use of ingredients such as tomatoes, cocoa, avocados, vanilla and more are important. The following are some of the main aspects of about Mexican food

Street food

This is by far one of the most popular places to find Mexican food. It often comprises of foods such as quesadillas, tamales, alambres, al pastore and more. There are various types of Mexican foods, and these often comprise of various ingredients. Besides that food such as carnitas, barbacoa is also common. The foods are often prepared by using ovens where foods such as chicken and meats are roasted. One of the main attraction in this particular in Mexico often relates to the Mexican streets. These streets are packed with various types of foods.


Mexico has various types of beverages. For instance, corn is not only consumed as food but it is also consumed as a beverage. The corn is the base of famous drink that Is known as the atole. The atole comprises of a flavored taste that might include rice, chocolate and more. In most cases, the corn is fermented in a base cold drink which is known by various names. This might include the pozole and tejuino. Besides that, the drinks are made using ingredients such as water, sugar and fruit and this is important for beverage preparation purposes. Most of the popular beverages are available at street vendors and are also sold in juice bars as well.


The common types of meats that are available in the country include pork, chicken, and beef. In most cases, this is also complemented by the use of cheese, and these dishes are complemented with the use of vegetables such as squash, carrots, and chayote.

Some of the common foods to try in Mexico include


Research has shown that this meal has been consumed since prehistoric times and it was an important aspect of ritual sacrifices. These days, pork, chicken and vegetarian pozoles are available for everyday consumption. The meal is developed using hominy corn that is filled with lots of spices and herbs. In most cases, the meal is often cooked for several hours overnight. Once the meal is ready, it is served, and it comprises of radish, onion, lime, and lettuce.

Tacos al pastor

This refers to a popular dishes in Mexico, and it is believed the Syrian and Lebanese immigrants introduced it into the country. To produce this particular food, thin strips of pork are prepared and placed on a special corn tortilla. Following this, the meal is complemented by onion, pineapple and coriander leaves.