About Us

You go to Ozersky.TV for many things: there are the gastronomic spectacles, such as the eye rarely sees; the intimate moments with celebrity chefs, teeming with poignancy; the sybaritic raptures of the host, James Beard Award-winning food writer Josh Ozersky; or, best of all, the privileged access to the inner life of the world’s greatest restaurant city. Each video is three minutes or less, and new every week. That’s it.

Ozersky.TV is presented by Underground Eats, the city’s premiere destination for curated alternative dining experiences. Underground Eats’ team of Ian Jenkins (camera) and Julia Blanter (editorial director) has been creating videos on Ozersky TV from 2012 onward.

Your Friend,
Josh Ozersky

Josh Ozersky, Executive Producer/Host

Josh Ozersky is the executive producer and host of Ozersky.TV.  He also writes the “Taste of America” column for Time Magazine and is the author of The Hamburger: A History (2008) and Meet Me In Manhattan: A Carnivore’s Guide to New York City (2003). A winner of the James Beard Award for food writing, he was formerly the editor of New York Magazine‘s food blog, Grub Street, and the National Restaurant Editor of Citysearch. His writes a cooking column for Rachael Ray.com, and his videos about food and restaurants can also be seen every day on Ozersky.TV. His next book, Colonel Sanders and The American Dream, will be published next year. He lives in New York City.

Laurie Pila Horowitz, Producer

Laurie Pila Horowitz is a producer with Josh Ozersky’s daily food show Ozersky.TV. Prior to that, Laurie worked as a reporter and journalist with The Feedbag and has produced various food events including the burger contest at the Summit Wine & Food Festival, and Meatopia BBQ NYC 2010. Prior to that, Laurie was a cookie entrepreneur: www.crunchbiscotti.com She has an education background in both culinary from George Brown in Toronto, and P.R. & Journalism from NYU in New York.

Jeff Larson, Director/Cameraman/Editor

Jeff Larson is a director/cameraman/editor with Josh Ozersky’s daily food show Ozersky.TV. Jeff also writes, produces, and directs with American Spirit Wolf Productions and Password Media. When he’s not working on film, television or web projects, Jeff enjoys biking around Brooklyn and working his way through the backlog of movies on his Netflix queue.  He’s been known to frequent your local donut store too