Episode 10284:Bashed Veal and the “Bev Egg” with Michael Symon

October 15, 2012 9:20 am

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Cleveland superchef Michael Symon stopped by the Ozersky TV kitchens at the International Culinary Center recently to do a recipe from his new book Carnivore. Not being content to leave well enough alone, I attempted to gild the lilly by making a special bacon-fat fried egg to put on top. This “Bev Egg,” shown to me by insane Virginia pork activist Bev Eggleston was, perhaps, a bit too much, although Michael seemed to enjoy it.

7 Responses to “Bashed Veal and the “Bev Egg” with Michael Symon”

beat that meat

I’m not sure why you didn’t let Symon do his thing? I think you are great, but in this case I might had been best to step back a little. Keep the videos coming though.

I gots me a GrubChub! Symon has the most evil laugh ever…

Josh do you own a iPad or a iPhone? It so freaking hard to watch your videos on either as when you click them they don’t play rather take you to the Vimeo site and you must painstakingly search for them again. Ahhhhh!!!!

Is an egg on anything bad? Speaking of Bad..i don’t usually proffer up kitchen utensils but since this is egg and the two Michael’s are friends, Michael Ruhlman’s Bad Ass Spoon he sells makes poaching an egg a purely wonderfully easy thing. Especially since all the excess whites spill out leaving just the egg and its whites that will poach. I bought it and had it shipped to Montreal and so far I cannot go a day without a poached egg. (great for losing weight)

Dude, can we get more than a video every two months?


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