Episode 10265:On The Red Carpet at the James Beard Awards

May 10, 2012 9:28 am

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For a little change-up in our James Beard Award, I thought that I might approach “the Oscars of the food world” as a red-carpet reporter, like Melissa Rivers or somebody. The results were somewhat better than I expected.

6 Responses to “On The Red Carpet at the James Beard Awards”

mary ann white

This was terrific and should be expanded for next year….”mom”

“Everyone’s a felon in Brimingham.” Haha. Loved that one…

“Who are you wearing….”


No tie for the James Beard Awards? Did you think you were attending the Waffle House’s employee of the month award banquet?


I can’t get in to your new video. Every time i click on it I get some damn Vimeo sign up thing that won’t go away. Your image is there with a start arrow but when i click on it there is Vimeo.

Don’t want Vimeo

I want my Ozersky.

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