Episode 10227:The Bev Egg, in All Its Unwholesome Glory

June 20, 2011 6:00 am

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Pork legend Bev Eggleston taught me this trick on the morning of Meatopia 2010, an unexpected bonus of letting the famous pork activist stay at my home. Bev gave me in the “Bev Egg” a gift that would keep on giving for all of my days..

10 Responses to “The Bev Egg, in All Its Unwholesome Glory”

I think I’ll whip up a batch right now.

HUZZAH!! The prodigal son returns! (Did I peek a glimpse of an Ozersky spatula?)

That’s a cooking tip from the old Boy Scout Handbook of the 60s!

The Bev Egg…I am taking this to my weekend Brunch resto in Mtl and asking him to put it on the menu…this is exactly what I would love to eat with a great mug of hot coffee and a Montreal (cause there is none other) bagel on the side…

oh yea baby, bring it on. just love all things that clog up those veins leading your heart

It was nice to see Josh cook! Dude you’re pretty chill, which is cool

We been doing this in Louisiana for generations upon generation. Well, not exactly, but very similar technique.

I need more updates Josh. I check your blog 10 times a day awaiting the next update. Once a day wold be cool. Just like old days.

WOW now Ehow on OZTV sweet … Great video man!!!

[...] week I cooked the Bev Egg probably four times, which is where you cook an egg in bacon fat, crumble bacon bits onto the egg, [...]

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