Episode 10019:Dovetail’s John Fraser on Three-Star Cooking

April 27, 2010 8:00 am

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In part of a long, rambling conversation with chef John Fraser of Dovetail, we touched on the most painful trial endured by chefs seeking to make the grade — the “three star firing squad” they face in critics. (To see John in action, check out his truffled onion.)

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Josh, he didn’t open the place to be a 3 or 4 * resto. GOT IT? Good… :-)

[...] Chef John Fraser, the great talent behind the incredible food at Dovetail (77th between Amsterdam and Columbus), sat down with food writer Josh Ozersky recently to discuss Fraser’s work at the restaurant.  The interview became a bit of a battle for Fraser, who stood his ground when Ozersky tried claiming that Dovetail’s goal was to be a “three-star restaurant.”  Props to Fraser for making the best out of a situation where the interviewer wasn’t taking “no” for an answer.  You can watch some of John Fraser’s keeping-it-cool interview at Ozersky.TV. [...]

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