Episode 10022:A Painful, But Rewarding, Trip to Smashburger

April 30, 2010 9:57 am

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For over a year I’ve been hearing about Smashburger, a pressed-burger  concept that seemed to promise everything I like in hamburgers.   Headquartered  in Denver, it’s as big in the western states as Five Guys  is in the Northeast.  I went to see why, but we got lost, and I arrived  in a mixed-up, farblondzhet state of mind.  But, in the end, was my wait worthwhile?  Watch and see.

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“…I think America is becoming a better place.” -Josh Ozersky
Smashing! -Ox

Since I plan to be in Montclair tomorrow, I may just have to stop in and try this place. Hopefully I won’t get lost.

Were those pickles fried on the plate in the foreground? Intriguing.

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