Why do series in our workouts

When we start training, we usually do it only through continuous running. In the early stages, as we start from a very low level, our race pace is usually improved only with the continuous race, but there will come a time that we will suffer a stagnation in our race speed that will need other forms of training to continue with our progression. For this, the main training method is called interval training or series or the fat decimator. It consists of splitting our training, making different series of a certain distance (or some time) with a break between them, in order to make these shorter distances at a higher speed than we could carry in longer distances.

This type of training is a very intense training, and through its realization, we will increase our capacity for effort and increase our threshold of suffering. As we have said, they involve a great effort and this causes our muscles to generate a large amount of lactic acid (which makes us feel very fatigued at that moment), which the body will respond by improving the elimination capacity of this, increasing our performance by fat decimator.

The series should be performed at similar rates (and higher than the competition rates) and performed at a very high intensity (above the anaerobic threshold), so we cannot resist that intensity for long periods of time. Thus we habituate the organism to satisfy very high demands of energy, which will be even superior to those that will be used later in a race when we try to give the maximum.

It is not advisable to always perform the same series of the same duration, but we must vary both the distances and the number of series depending on the time of the season in which we are, as well as the rest time. The short series (between 100 and 400 m) will give us more power and specific speed, which will be very useful, for example, on the slopes or in the final part of the races. The long series (between 500 and 3000 m) will give us a specific improvement of the racing rhythms and greater anaerobic resistance.

A similar training is variable continuous training, or changes of rhythm. The difference is that this type of training there is no rest, only variations in speed with fast parts and slow parts. Before starting the series training it is advisable to start with training of this type and once dominated and, especially when the main competition approaches, move to series training with greater intensity. In addition to introducing series training in our programming, we must continue with continuous career sessions, of course, and we should also carry out a specific strengthening training, as well as career technique exercises that help us to progress. You must look for fat decimator!

Do you want to start running?

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Eat well

It has been shown that if we are poorly fed, we lack glucose or nutrients; we have less self-control, so in addition to the physical benefits, eating well is worth it.

Always keep a positive attitude.

Imagine fulfilling your goal and visualize that you achieve it, the imagination helps you not to lose concentration and continue thinking that it is getting closer. Look no further as fat decimator can help you! Studies show that at the end of January when we started a year only 25% of people kept the purposes that had been marked and 6 months later only 5%continue working on them, from now on and with these tips also trains your willpower so that there is not a single purpose that you resist.

If you intend to start losing weight and have no experience in physical exercise, begin a strength training program with low-impact joint cardiovascular activity. The latter is of medium intensity to progress towards high intensity.

  1. As long as the execution of the exercises is good, it performs strength exercises in which both the muscles of the lower train and those of the upper body are involved. If you do not have any experience in strength training, it is preferable that you start with an adaptation period in which the exercises are somewhat more analytical.
  2. The breaks between series should be short (no talking 2-3 minutes between series and series, rather 1 minute or less).
  3. Once you have gained strength and your joints are more stable you can start with impact activities. Always progressing adequately in volume and intensity!
  4. Remember that strength training is essential so there is no decrease in muscle mass. This will make your caloric expenditure at rest does not decrease and may even increase something.

Now, do not forget that for all this to be done in a safe and effective way, you are going to need a personal trainer to plan for you. As we observed in this article (also recently published). Those people who perform physical exercise under the supervision of a personal trainer achieve much more significant results than those who train on their own. To help you keep track of the number of minutes you do an activity and the type of activity you do in each phase, a work record is included with each phase of the program of work activities by fat decimator


Nothing worthwhile will come the easy way. You must put all your effort into the process and fail, fail many times. However, we are going to give you some tips that I think may be useful and that has worked for me personally and work to achieve my goals in both fitness and life. So what are you waiting for making sure that you opt for the fat decimator as soon as possible.