Types of compact storage systems and what are their uses

The mass production of any type of product at present is one of the most used resources to increase the profits of any company. In this way it is possible to manufacture a product in large quantities and distribute them progressively.

However, to fulfill this purpose it is necessary to have a warehouse where you can place the products that are not going to be sold immediately. This is where storage systems represent one of the best ways to optimize space.

Most of the warehouses in the world followed a very specific standard, where forklifts are used that pass through a series of aisles to load and unload merchandise when necessary. However, this method is very inefficient since it takes up much more space than is needed.

It is for this reason that the so-called compact storage systems are born. This is a new way to store merchandise efficiently by making the most of the available space. In essence, storage shelves that were previously separated are now together to occupy as little space as possible. It is from this feature that it is given the name of compact storage system.

Forklift trucks are also used in this form of storage, but instead of passing through corridors between the shelves, they pass between lanes formed between the same shelves. This is one of the most important features since it allows easy access to the goods without the need to occupy a lot of space.

There are two main types of compact storage systems, which although they fulfill the same function, they have certain different characteristics. These types are the following:

  • Drive in racking: this is the most common form of storage system and consists of shelves placed next to each other with a single access corridor where the loading and unloading of goods is done in reverse; that is to say, the load which is placed at the end is the first one that is going to be distributed.
  • Drive through racking: this is another form of storage where the shelves are still placed side by side but with the difference that there are two access channels or corridors where one of the channels is used to load merchandise while the other is used for download. This system allows regulating a little more the differences between the periods of distribution of the merchandise.

These are the most common forms that can be found in the compact storage system. However, you can also find warehouses where a combination of conventional storage and compact storage is made.

How many goods can be stored in a compact storage system?

The installation of one of these systems in a warehouse of any company must be done depending on the needs of that company. In this sense, for the installation of the shelves it is necessary to know what the quantity of merchandise is that is intended to be stored.

In a compact storage system, either drive in racking or drive through racking, there are not many restrictions regarding the amount of merchandise that can be stored. In this sense it can be said that the only restriction is the size of the warehouse where the shelves will be installed and their height.

The depth of the rails on the shelves will also depend on the size that can be used in the warehouse. It is very important to emphasize that the storage capacity of this type of storage system is much greater than the conventional system used in previous years.

Tips for the use of compact storage systems

The use of this type of storage system should be done by people who have knowledge on how to make the process as efficient as possible. Then one of the most popular tips when carrying out the loading of goods is that all products stored on a specific shelf must belong to the same type of product.

In this way you can avoid unnecessary manipulations of the merchandise. It is very important to also take into account the time in which the merchandise will be distributed to determine whether to use the compact drive in racking storage system or the drive through racking system.

It is also necessary to have trained staff in the driving of forklifts. This is very important since these vehicles are the only ones capable of loading and unloading properly and quickly. Those people who conduct the driving of a forklift must be able to handle the goods correctly and avoid the occurrence of any kind of accident.

Storage rules for merchandise

Regardless of what type of storage system is being used, it is very necessary that certain rules established in the laws are met. These rules were created in order to protect the workers of a specific company and avoid any type of accident.

These rules establish how the installation of this type of system should be carried out so that it resists the weight implied by the goods that are to be distributed.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to hire a company specialized in the subject to perform the installation of compact storage systems. These companies specialize in the installation of shelves quickly and safely, following the rules established by law.

If you want to hire one of these companies it is necessary that you carry out an investigation to avoid any kind of fraud. In this investigation you should try to determine the quality of work of the company and what its services are. We assure you that investing in a compact storage system is worth it.