TV Auction Shows

TV Auction Shows Can Help You Get Your Auction Savvy On

When you’re scrolling through the guide on your TV, looking for the word “auction,” you’re missing some of the best auction shows on the market. Just because a show’s title doesn’t have the actual word “auction” in it doesn’t mean it can’t show you something about the business of auctions and auctions.

Information is power, and information about the auctioning game is imperative if you’re thinking about getting into it. If you just have some items you’d like to have auctioned off, or you’re planning to attend a charity auction in your area, know what’s involved in the process and you’ll be on your personal game when you get that auction bidder’s card in your hand.

“Storage Wars” is certainly not the only game in town when it comes to televised auctions. What are some of the best TV shows about auctions and auctioning?

Here’s a list of a few:

Auction Kings:

This show centers around one of the country’s most impressive and historic auction houses. Gallery 63 can be found in Atlanta, Georgia. It prides itself on the historical items it obtains for auction or sale. It also likes to wander into the world of strange and bizarre at times, showcasing items from meteorites to kits for hunting and killing vampires. Not only can you find out about price ranges on the items featured but the history behind them can be fascinating.

American Pickers:

This show features the antics of two guys as they scour the countryside looking for large and small bits of Americana. They pick up these diamonds in the rough from people’s backyards, barn lofts, and forgotten sheds. The viewer gets to see the unrestored item, and how much the guys pay for it. We then see the items in their restored condition and our jaws tend to drop at the prices they get for these items at auction. What this show can teach you is not only how to spot a diamond in the rough, but how to spot bits of Americana at auction that is worth far more than the auctioneer’s opening bid.

Pawn Stars:

The pawn business has been around since before the arrival of debit cards and ATMs. This show centers on the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the edge of Las Vegas. The shop’s owners and stars use their extensive knowledge of history and sharp eyes for detail to wheel and deal for items brought in by ordinary people. From Super Bowl memorabilia to a Picasso painting, it is always fascinating to see how these items are evaluated and their price determined. Do you have a Picasso stashed away at the back of your garage?  It may be worth your time to absorb a little knowledge before hitting that next auction. You could go home with a much bigger deal than you originally hoped to find.

These are just a few of the reality shows that feature various steps of the game that makes up auctions and auctioneering across this country. Charity auctions are held throughout every state and are prime ground for acquiring or selling your own treasures and super deals.