Top nine Hamburgers in Madrid

We bring you a selection of the ten best places to eat hamburgers in Madrid, for their flavor, size, price, and originality.

New York Burger

Hamburgers in Madrid top rated

The ideal place to eat hamburgers and barbecue in the purest American style! Grilled with a touch of wood and smoke that give their meat, of great quality, that special flavor of American barbecue. 13 varieties of hamburgers that will delight carnivores, cosmopolitan. And lovers of the flavors of the Big Apple, with options for celiacs (a whole menu for them) and vegetarians, and 8 delicious side dishes to accompany them. New York Burger is present in Barcelona (Calle Pelai 5), and in Madrid, where it has four locations along Castellana and one more in Moraleja Green, Alcobendas.

The Irish Temple

One of the best burgers in Madrid is found at The Irish Temple. Positioned for a few years as one of the best American food restaurants in the city, and it is no coincidence, you just have to take a look at the hundreds of opinions that flood the network about its food and that they have made it a pilgrimage center for hamburger lovers. They take care of the entire process exhaustively and in detail; from sourdough bread made exclusively by a bakery to the nine types of meat selected with a designation of origin that are supplied daily by a family butcher shop and which are accompanied by delicious homemade hand-cut french fries. In addition, you can consult their menu of pairings, where they recommend which of their 120 different beers is the ideal to accompany your favorite hamburger.

O’Hara’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

O ‘Hara’s (Vía de las Dos  Castillas 23, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid) has all the ingredients of a great Irish tavern, with more than 52 brands of national and international beers, a menu of gins, cocktails, and specialty coffees. Without forgetting its great variety of hamburgers, all of them spectacular. When the quality of hamburgers is maximum, the classics never fail. That is why we recommend that you try the Cheese Bacon, with a delicious flavor, and, in addition, you can accompany it with the famous fried potatoes of  O ‘Hara’s or its mythical onion rings. Also, like a good Irishman, he has 7 giant screens to watch all sports. Finally, highlight the lateness of  O ‘ Hara’s, fashionable in Pozuelo, with the promotion of drinks at € 6  from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm every day of the week!

The H is silent

La H Es Muda offers a proposal of gourmet burgers with options that range from the classic American to its less traditional creations. Which can include Asian or Caribbean flavors. They also offer a variety of starters where the Tequeños stand out, which we dare say: they are the best in Madrid! With a recipe developed at home, their puff pastry tequeños are unique. They have four locations in Madrid, with good service and a good atmosphere. If you cannot go to the place, you can order the hamburger at home through their website where you can see the entire menu or reserve at 919 298 388.

Alfredo’s Barbecue

Famous hamburgers considered the best in Madrid by many, are 160gr hamburgers. or 250gr. (available in double size) grilled American style with little bread and lots of meat. The price per hamburger is around € 10. There are three locations in Madrid and it is best to book in advance. Also, if you are celiac, at the Conde de Aranda 4 local there are options for you.

The Bistroteca

Near Goya, we find one of the hamburger restaurants that have been hitting the hardest in recent years. A place that because of its decoration you would not say that it is a hamburger restaurant. But that you prepare them very tasty. A very varied menu that mixes a good product (quality meat) with different flavors. Their goal is that each bite encompasses all the flavors of the hamburger ingredients, and believe us, they achieve it!

Fitz Burger

Two hamburgers that we have to talk about: a gourmet one made with 170 g of its spectacular meat, avocado, truffle cream, Havarti cheese, caramelized onion, and lamb’s lettuce. And the other, the Burger Mex, with guacamole, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, onion. And a delicious chipotle mayo sauce that is the delight of lovers of spice. For the garnish, they give you a choice between French fries, sweet potatoes, or coleslaw.


Revoltosa (Plaza del Rey, 4 and Calle del Prado, 4) a tavern for cats. That although we already fell in love with its «Castiza» hamburger. This year we want to put «La Chulapa» on our Top: it is a 100 hamburger% beef. With Idiazábal cheese, bacon, crunchy onion, old-fashioned mustard, and tomato jam. It can be tried at both venues for just € 10 and can boast of having received several awards.

Sublime Dreams Food

The place where the word SUBLIME acquires a gastronomic, emotional, and experiential meaning! A combination of flavors and qualities that make your dreams come true. Beef and chicken burgers that are made with the most tender and juicy part, seasoned with 100% natural ingredients. Fitness burgers, for celiacs, vegans, lovers of fish, chicken, veal, and even ribs or oxtail. Really exquisite!

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