Top 5 Led Christmas Decorations

When decorating your home this Christmas, using LED lighting is a safe bet to ensure that your lights will last throughout the season without increasing your electricity bill. With a multitude of over-the-top decorations on the market, however, sometimes it’s hard to find some classic and original pieces to use both inside and outdoors. That’s why we’ve compiled this top 5 list of unique and subtle decorations that use LED lighting, to make your home feel festive and not ridiculous this Christmas.

  1. Festive Grazing Polar Bear

Perfect for children and adults, this adorable polar bear will make a fantastic outdoor decoration. Covered with white LED light bulbs and have him sit at your front door to welcome carolers, friends, and family. The bear comes with 5 meters of clear cable and will provide hours of atmospheric lighting. You could also place him indoors, where he’d make an ideal focal point grazing near your Christmas tree.

  1. Phillips Rechargeable Decorative Led Candle Lights

Add ambiance to your home with this LED candle pack from Phillips. Unlike other LED tea lights which use batteries, their rechargeable feature means they’ll never run out, producing a realistic flame that glows, flickers, and produces no messy hot wax or smoke to harm others. You can use them to emulate candlelight at home, at work, outdoors, as well as throughout the year for other holidays including Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Easy to use and completely safe, these LED candle lights will create an intimate and tranquil atmosphere for any occasion.

  1. Set Of 4 Mini Christmas PathFinders

These stylish outdoor lights are sure to make your home look like a Winter Wonderland. Shaped like mini Christmas trees with stars on top, these are perfect for giving your home some festive glamour, using LEDs to produce bright white crisp light. Built to withstand wind and rain, these will illuminate your path perfectly and last for years to come.

  1. Electronic Christmas Tree

An unconventional decoration, this kooky centerpiece consists of 16 red blinkings LED lightbulbs on a green tree-shaped circuit board. Whilst not the most beautiful, this electronic tree is perfect for those who want to avoid costly electric bills this Christmas. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it’s also long-lasting, unique and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, making it a perfect gift of decoration for those who love their electrics, or simply those who want something a bit different in their homes this season.

  1. Wooden Pub With Warm White LEDs

Handmade from laser cut wood, this tabletop decorative display piece is high quality, sophisticated and traditional, with no multi-colored lights or excessive glitter in sight. This would make an ideal centerpiece for your table or shelves, consisting of a classic wooden pub scene illuminated by warm white long-life LED lightbulbs. Other pieces are also available, including a church and town hall, but we particularly like the sloping roof, the detailed deer, and of course, the atmospheric glow produced by the LEDs.