Things to know about before buying Thor appliances

It is not possible to have a restaurant style food or a romantic candle light every day outside. However it is possible to bring in such an ambience to home. The thor appliances help in building one’s kitchen in a restaurant style and gives a great ambience. It can give a complete stainless steel setting to the kitchen

Thor appliance reviews says that they make gas cooktops, ventilation hoods, dishwashers, wine coolers, refrigerators.

Ranges of cooking tops

They offer induction cooktops, gas ranges and dual fuel ranges.

Their products range from offering gas ranges made of stainless steel to a combined unit along with an oven. The oven is BTU convection oven with fan assisted. The fans inside the oven circulate the hot air which helps to cook the food faster.

The gas ranges are powered by natural gas. All of its ranges can also be converted into liquid propane with a conversion kit in a few hours of time. The cooking grates are made of cast iron. The oven’s interior consists of blue porcelain. This makes it easier to clean.

The entire set is covered by a 2 year warranty part. However, there are no self cleaning options. Also, the ranges do not have a clock system to set them for timers. However the best thing is that the burners light instantly.

The burners are sealed to prevent the spills from the cooking table. The burner caps are not safe to wash in dishwashers. Instead they can be removed and washed by hands.

Induction cooktops 

They provide various ranges of induction cooktops from a double induction element to 4 induction element. They are controlled with touch screens. They also have an inbuilt countdown timer, which means if you set it for 8 minutes, it begins to back count. There are 9 different power levels.

It has a residual heat indicator and a child lock feature. A residual heat indicator warns that the cooking surface is still hot. It also has an automatic safety switch off.

Range hoods

The thor appliance reviews say that they offer both under cabinet range hoods and wall mount range hoods.

The under cabinet range hoods have 3 speed powers. The speeds are controlled using a LCD switch. The auto shut down time is programmable. It can be set from 1 minute to 15 minutes. The company provides 2 year warranty. The product is also CSA certified.

The wall mount range hoods are made of stainless steel. They have LED light indicators with touch control. The company also offers remote controlled products.


The thor Appliances offer 24 inch dishwasher made of stainless steel. The dishwasher is controlled from the top. It is a smart wash system. The energy saving belongs to the category of A++. It contains a multiple filter system which uses less water and energy. Depending on the soil level, the dishwasher selects the type of cycle. It can also be set manually. There are 4 sprayer arms. It has a separate detergent dispenser and a rinse aid dispenser.


The Thor appliances offer freestanding refrigerators and undercounter refrigerators. The body parts of the refrigerators are made of stainless steel. It has LED lighting throughout the interior and also for the under fresh food compartments. It has an external electronic digital temperature display. As it provides a ventilated cooling, the moisture formation is prevented.


The outer body of the microwave is made of stainless steel. It has 7 cooking preset ranges. It also features a quick start option. The sensor cooking option automatically adjusts the cooking time according to the steam emitted by the cooking food. This helps to save time and energy.

The 7 cooking presets available are veggies, beverages, popcorn, reheat, meat, potato and pizza. Apart from this, some of their products also offer 3 soften options namely cheese, ice cream and butter.

Wine coolers 

They offer single and dual zone wine cooler. The dual wine coolers come in 2 styles namely french door style with 2 doors and bunk bed style with a single door. They also provide electronic touch screen control for limited products. Some of their wine coolers are also suitable for outdoor uses. The features of the wine coolers available with the Thor appliances are as follows:

  • Some of their wine coolers come with security lock.
  • They are thunder proof and water proof
  • The temperature ranges from 41 to 65 degree Fahrenheit
  • The front door is made of pane glass and also UV protected
  • The housing is made of stainless steel which makes cleaning easy.
  • Some of the coolers come with a LCD display and an LED indicator
  • They also provide door opening alarm, temperature alarm. This helps to save energy
  • There is also a heating element for winter

Ice makers

Thor appliance ice makers can store 26.5 lbs of ice and can make 50 lbs ice. They make cube shaped ice. It has an automatic ice level control to prevent the frost formation. It shuts off as the ice is completely formed and thereon maintains the temperature to keep the ice in its form. The ice baskets are completely removable which makes it easy for cleaning. It has a white LED interior lighting to visually remove the ice from the maker. The doors are reversible and can be swung in both left and right directions.