beach wedding

Must-haves for your beach wedding

Have you ever considered getting married somewhere in the outdoors, closer to nature? A particularly popular location is on the beach. While keeping with the theme of creating a truly unique day, there are some things that are must-haves to make your day extra special:


If you are heading to the beach or somewhere else where access to ice is limited, why not invest in some mini cooler sleeves to keep your guest’s drinks cool? You can even customize each one so your guests don’t get their drinks confused – and what a great souvenir for them to take away with them!

Ice cream bar

How about ice cream or sweetie bar? This is something that can be enjoyed by all your guests, young and old alike, and a fantastic way to keep your guests cool and happy while you are having photos taken.


Whether you choose to get married to a couple of friends under a tree or go all out with a large wedding by the sea, don’t risk missing out on capturing those special memories by scrimping on a photographer, especially if you choose an outstanding location. Bournemouth will ensure the story of your day is told in glorious technicolor.


Although it is illegal to drink alcohol on the beach, there is no reason why you can’t have a cocktail bar offering guests refreshing fruity non-alcoholic cocktails to keep them cool and hydrated!


If you choose a location on the beach or in a field your guests may struggle if they are wearing heels. Encourage your guests to relax by providing them with flip-flops. Again these can be customized to remind them of your day, or simply left plain. If you are on the beach this also gives your guests an excuse to go paddling – a great photo opportunity for your wedding photographer! Make sure you organize a shoe check so guests aren’t left scrabbling for shoes at the end of the day or when it’s time to move to a more formal venue for the wedding breakfast.

Sun protection

If the majority of your wedding will be outside it is important your guests have some protection from the sun. Ensure you supply some shade in the form of gazebos or parasols. It is also a great idea to supply a selection of sunscreens for your guests to use should they have forgotten to bring their own. A basket of generic hats and sunglasses will also go down well and prevent your guests from getting heatstroke.

Special provisions

Don’t forget your elderly or disabled guests. If you are choosing an outdoor venue you may need to make special provision for them. This might include providing seating or specialist walkways. Some beaches offer all-terrain wheelchairs for hire.

Warm blankets

If you are planning to celebrate outdoors in the evening don’t forget to bring along a supply of warm blankets. Most people don’t realize how far the temperature can drop when the sun sets and will be caught out wearing just their summer attire. Be the couple who have thought of everything!