Great Birthday Presents For A 7 Year Old Girl

When a girl turns 7, changes will start to her, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Hence, it is nice that on her birthday, you give her gifts that can help her mold her overall personality. There are so many birthday gift options to choose from, and stone Foot is there to help you finding the best gifts to match not only a 7 year old girl, but infants, seniors and so on.

Making her happy with gifts you will give her is necessary as a girl aged 7 knows how to appreciate genuinely and any gifts she will receive at this age can mark in her heart and mind until she gets older.

Great Birthday Presents For A 7 Year Old Girl

Making her happy and excited with gifts she receives is not as easy. But, if you know what she really likes, this supposedly tough task can be easy. The enumerated gift ideas below are best to give generally almost all 7 year old girl.

  • A musical box

There are so many reasons why would you choose a musical box. A musical box can be a sign that the baby is now turning to be a fine lady. Also, this is a gift to make her know the importance of keeping her valuable things arranged and organized. Keeping their earrings, rings, and anything else they think valuable in a musical box is a good way to make them realize the importance of organizing expensive and valuable items.

  • Washable make up set

Sooner or later, she will wear makeup, and giving her this kind of gift is a nice warm up. Wearing makeup on her own can help them learn many things, like independence, as she starts to work on taking care of herself, and confidence, as she is seeing herself beautiful in the mirror. Make sure though that the materials and contents of the washable make up is hypoallergenic, as a 7 year girl may have more sensitive skin than those of the older age.

  • School bag/lunch box

At this age, she already starts schooling, and giving her something she can use at school is not only nice but practical too. There are many schools bag and lunch boxes styles and designs to choose from. And choosing from options of her favorite color and favorite Disney characters can be a good and easy start. Giving her a bag and lunch box that she loves would definitely make her motivated and excited to attend school.

  • Skates

A pair of skates would definitely be a great birthday gift idea. Whether she knows or not how to play skates, giving her this gift is ideal. This pair of skates can turn her simple interests to a hobby, and it is nice considering that any physical activities she is engaged on can help her a lot as she ages. Make sure though that you know the size of her feet, as not perfectly fit skates may hurt her and might leave her discouraged to wear skates ever again.

  • Accessories

Accessories like headbands, hair clips and fancy jewelries are a good gift to give a girl turning 7. These gifts encourage her to act her age and start to become conscious about her looks. Letting her fix her hair, choose the earrings/necklaces she thinks suit her dress is a good way training her keeping up and taking care of her looks by herself.

Note for fancy jewelries: You do not need to give her expensive jewelries but it is a must that the jewelries are hypoallergenic so they won’t catch allergies from using them.

  • Educational toys

Buying her gifts that can make her enjoy at the same time learn is a great idea. There are many educational toys available in the market today, like puzzles and building blocks, and all these can help them practice and enhance their mental skills in a fun manner. They would appreciate the benefits of these kinds of gifts sooner as they grow older.

  • A pet

Giving her a pet, a cat or a dog, even a fish or a bird, can help her build her sense of responsibility. Taking care of a pet, feeding them, putting them to bath, making sure they are comfortable and happy, is a good training ground enhancing her senses of responsibility and making her realize and understand the worth and importance of living things. Since she is just 7 years old, it is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to guide their daughters as they take care of their pet. Teaching them at first on proper care for animals and letting them work on it themselves sooner.

It is nice to know that the receiver of your gift loves the gift you give. There are a lot of options to choose from in the market today, hence making the gift giving a bit daunting and intimidating. For gift ideas, it is necessary that you read articles on stone Foot or any other sites discussing and focusing on this subject, as this can help you big time assessing and deciding on which among the gift is best to give your loved ones. What you want is to make them happy on their birthday, hence it is only right that you don’t just give them gifts just for the sake of giving one.