Do you want to know more about kratom?

Kratom is a plant that is grown in South East Asia and is known to have much importance to the user. They include being a pain reliever a sedative, and a stimulant. It has many strains, which are known to function differently. For example, there are some, which are an excellent pain reliever. An example is Maeng Da. We will look at this specific example. You will get to know its different types the best dosage and where to buy. If I switched to kratom from opiates, then things would be better or could be worse it all depends on the usage.

Maeng Da also known as Mitragyna speciosa that is derived because of ancient grafting. It’s considered one of the superior versions of kratom that survives any kind of environment. It has stable growth. Maeng Da, when translated to English, means pimp grade. I make sure that If I switched to kratom from opiates, then things are easy.


It contains more alkaloids than most of Kratom strains. The common alkaloid substance in maeng Da is mitragynine. This is a common mood-boosting strain and is a stimulator. It improves focus and concentration. Once you make sue of a product be sure that you are not going to have any side effects for the same. One needs to be sure that there are no side effects and this is something very important that one needs to keep in mind.

The strain is very popular for being a pain reliever. People who are involved in strenuous activities that need a lot of energy and focus can use the maeng Da. The best example is the gym. It’s also known to reduce pain from cancer.

Cost and where to buy

It’s not a cheap one though. Most vendors will sell it at $14 per package. You can get it from online vendors and is sold alongside the other strains. Nevertheless, be careful not all sell quality Maeng Da. Choose the best kratom vendors.

Types of Maeng Da

There are three types of Maeng Da, which are Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and white Maeng Da. These we discuss below.

  1. Red Maeng Da

This is the most commonly used type of Maeng Da because it contains a high amount of alkaloids. This best pain reliever among the three types. I would definition suggest it for a person seeking a pain reliever. A report from users says that after taking it they always have a relaxed feeling. Apart from being a pain reliever, it’s a sedative. This explains the relaxed feeling that users experience after taking it. This is good one and you can take it without much of a problem and that makes it a good choice for many. Lots of people from all over the work are making use of this and it is working very fine for them. The red kali kratom is perfect for pain relief and relaxation as it generates rather subtle but very long-lasting palliative effects. It is a traditional red strain since it does not have the euphoric properties of other varieties such as Bali or Maeng Da and its effects focus on pain relief.

  1. Green Maeng Da

This strain is known for being all rounded. They induce a relaxed feeling after just a moderate amount. So one can go in for this and this does not give any side effects also that is the best part about it.

  1. White Maeng Da

Very similar in characteristics and effects to the Green Maeng Da but it’s considered to be a less sedative. Works best if you need a lot of work done.

Capsule or powder

They are both the same thing but they differ in terms of packaging and the time it takes to start functioning. People who like powder will get the results in less than 20 minutes while a capsule might take longer sometimes even up to an hour. Do not be scared if the capsule might take longer. It is normal.

Sometimes people using powder will have a problem with knowing the amount they are taking. Using a capsule is direct. Say you can take one capsule knowing the grams in it. Make sure that If I switched to kratom from opiates, then that does not harm me in any way and that is something very important which one needs to know.


It’s a rather complicated question. There is no fixed amount. The dosage that one takes depends on three factors, which are the quality of kratom you have, whether you are new, and finally the tolerance factor. Sometimes, you might have a very strong kratom the grams needed will be different from that of a low-quality one. In addition, if you have been using kratom you know your level of tolerance. This is what I will tell you. If you are new to kratom start with, small grams say 1-2 grams and you can raise four grams depending on the tolerance level. This has to be done in hcekc you cannot have that in huge quantity and then regret later as it can give some serious side effects which is the last thing that you want. It is very important that you intake this in the right amount or it could cause some serious issues health wise and that is something very dangerous for one and all.

Maeng Da is an excellent pain reliever. You can go for it .if you want a pain reliever that is also a sedative. Make sure that you are making use of something that is healthy and if that happens things are much better and you will not have a problem.