Cruiser to Gravel Bike Conversion True Guideline

Today we continue with our cycling series article. Now spring is here in a big city and I want it to get out and cycle. So here goes to details of how you can convert a cruiser to a gravel bike.

First Step

So with that in mind, I have my Kent Mahalia beach cruiser bike that I picked up about five years ago when I wanted to get back into it, the mute cycling and it’s an aluminum frame entry-level bike.

One of the reasons why I picked it up was for that aluminum frame and as I said to Ken LA Jolla is an entry-level beach cruiser.

I picked up mine online for about a hundred dollars today. They come in and run 125. The last I checked it sold out. So for today’s article, we have described how you can convert a beach-type best cruiser bike to a gravel-style bike.

Last year I put an article to installing the originate handlebar drop-ins well, today we’re going to remove them and instead installed Bullhorn handlebars to give the bike a sportier field.

We have already removed some of the hardware on the LA Jolla to lighten the overall weight like the chain guard, fenders, a few more upgrades along the way and hopefully we’ll have a sportier gravel style bike.

Second Step

That was the original post I put out last year on the originate. So to remove them, you see the Allen key right there. Just get the right size Allen key and we’re going to start removing the originator.

Drop-in handlebars because without that we can’t remove the original handlebars that are still on the bike.

One Allen key and we’ll remove the entire bicycle handlebars right there and get the right size Allen key and we’ll just start rolling.

Twisted and just push it through, gone and install the new handlebars a much sportier feel our with got a pair of new grips and an easy way to put them in and It’s just a spray with a little hairspray inside the grip.

They’ll slide right on and when they dry they kind of stick nicely and there you go so it also upgraded the tires and those were the original tires that came with the LA Hoya.

I got an hour with still a little bit of grip on it to go onto the gravel trends and there we go and we’re off. It’s got a nice feel to it in an upright position.

Here’s the finished product. We replaced the handlebars with the Bullhorn brand new grips on them. We swapped out the seat for a little bit more of a sporty or a saddle it’s branded hyper.

We took out the fender guards, lighten the weight. The frame is aluminum, which is one of the reasons why I picked this up because it’s already a lighter frame and we took out the chain guard, made it a sportier profile.

So there you have it, simple steps. To change your beach cruiser into a gravel bike for pennies on a dollar like, and subscribe and leave comments if you wish. And we’ll catch you next time at 6:40 AM the mix.

Huffy Beach Cruiser

Now here we have demonstrated a lot of really crazy things about cruiser bikes and this week, the crazy thing that I did was got a bicycle.

Now, the crazy part about that is I haven’t written a bicycle in over 30 years and haven’t written a bicycle in close to 40 years, and in 11 years old was the last time I rode a bicycle.

So. I’m not sure how well I’m going to do and first and we have the really hard part. I’ve got to put it together.

So I’m going to show you how I suck at putting it together and then I’m going to show you how wobbly I am writing it because I love nothing more than to humiliate myself in front of you and cause I feel like or I hope that maybe it gives hope to other people.

I don’t mind being a dork if it makes other people feel good and so follow to look at that. That’s not intimidating at all and then there was the list of tools needed and I came up just a little short.

You can call your friend and asked him to help me put it together and his response was and that will help you put it in your car and drive it to a bike and repair place and have them put it together.


If you try this then that is a darn good idea. Let’s just do that because I feel a little bit more comfortable knowing that to do converting.

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