A Guide to Selecting the Best Shower Seat

One of the best items to have in your restroom is a restroom seat. This stool is a crucial component to ensure safety during taking a shower. It comes tremendously handy for especially those who face difficulty to stand while taking a shower. Shower stools are an extremely helpful tool for the elderly, the disabled or the ones who are recovering from any physical injury which hampers the ability to stand. While purchasing a quality shower seat, there are a number of components to keep in mind. Read on to find out more about it:

Weight Capacity:

The load capacity which the stool can withhold is a crucial component to factor in before purchasing. Regardless of the shape and size of the stool, the weight capacity has to comfortably suit the user so as to eliminate any potential accidents. Shower seats come in different weight capacities in order to support different kinds of weights. If the person in question is lean and light-weight, a standard shower seat will be suitable enough. On the other hand, if the person is relatively bulkier and has more weight, a sturdier and more robust shower seat will be required for individuals of such nature.


Shower seats are built with different kinds of materials. Usually they are crafted out of plastic or a metal such as aluminum. Other than that, the customer must make sure that the design of the shower seat is comfortable and can be easily used on a regular basis. Aesthetics of the shower seat could take into consideration to figure out which one is more pleasing to the eye, without any compromise on the functioning of the tool. Shower seats come with the options of a backrest. It is up to the customer whether such a feature will be a requirement or not. If you do go for the shower seat with a backrest attached, make sure that it is comfortable to rest upon with bare skin.


The size of the shower seat which you select needs to suit your preferences and requirements. Shower seats doesn’t have a conventional size to always follow and does differ with every other model. They all can be usually compartmentalized into compact or standard. If the restroom which the seat needs to be used in is of a small and constricted size, it is a smart option to go for a shower stool which is small and compact in size. On the other hand, a restroom which has a generous size needn’t require the size of the shower seat to be compact. The standard sized shower stools will make a better choice. It is therefore, essential that the customer studies the size of the restroom where the shower seat is to be used before purchasing it.


Different shower seats available in the market allow different degrees of portability to the customer. Some shower seats are fixed at a particular place.

They consist of quality leg gripping rubber coverings which prevents the seat from sliding over the wet surface and affixes it to a single position. Other seats which allow better portability to the customer with wheels under the shower stool. When placed at the desired position, the wheels could have affixed in order to prevent the seat from rolling around any further. The weight of the shower seat is also a crucial component which plays into deciding the degree of portability which is allowed by the restroom tool. In case that the stool is a heavy object and is uncomfortable for the person to life it, it is always better to go for a lighter and more portable option.


Shower seats which consists of a backrest often allows the user to recline and lean back on their seats. There are cases where the availability of such a feature is an absolute necessity. Shower seats with a backrest attached comes in two different styles. The first one doesn’t allow any movement and provides a fixed structure to the user. On the other end, the backrest which reclines on a shower seat provides the user with the option to lay back in order to assist themselves while taking a bath. Therefore, make sure that you look into the availability or non-availability of this particular feature in accordance of the user’s preferences and requirements.


There are a large number of shower seats available in the market which provides a cutout in the seat in order for it to become a commode when necessary for the user. The advantage gained due to this added feature lowers down the number of seat replacements necessary by the user while carrying out the different restroom routines. The commode cutout in a restroom stool will definitely add a lot more usability and convenience packaged into a single product which will eliminate the necessity of purchasing anything more for the usage the commode will be able to provide the user. If the functionality of a commode isn’t a particular requirement by the user, a solid top will get the job done.


Shower stools come in various shapes. According to the comfort and convenience of the user, the shape of the shower seat must be chosen. One of the most popular choices is the round shower stool. It allows the user to sit comfortably upon the stool at any angle and manner. The round shower stool comes in a range of different sizes to suit the different requirements of users.

Make sure that the height of the shower stool is adjustable by the user. If you purchase an aluminum stool, make sure the metal which is used is corrosion-proof in order to ensure longevity. Shower stools are one of the most important necessities for a person who has difficulty standing in the restroom. It is one of the earliest purchases made to ensure the individual’s comfort while carrying out the different set of restroom routines. To make a successful purchase, make sure to follow the above pointers.