Dorm Room

5 Space-Saving Tips for Your Dorm Room

Right now, you may be looking around your dorm thinking that you need to be some kind of magician to save space in your dorm room. Usually, a dorm room – whether you go to University or Yale – is around ten feet by ten feet – maybe fifteen. If you think about it, this is an impossible amount of space to fit two people. Indeed, you probably have a roommate with all his or her stuff, and then you and your staff. There is also a good chance that you don’t have much of a closet either. If this is the case, you will certainly need to make room.

Of course, you don’t need to be a musician to make space, you just need to be resourceful and you have to think logically. You don’t want to stuff things away, because it could get lost or damaged.

Here are five space-saving tips for your dorm room

  1. Utilize Your Under Bed Space for Storage

If you think about it, the area under your bed is prime real estate for storage. You could be hiding a lot of things under there that you don’t need to access every day, but is still handy to have while on campus, such as an extra blanket, out of season clothes, or spare linens. Indeed, even if you need these things, you can place them in a clear shelving unit, which will make labeling unnecessary. Whenever you need something, you just pull it out.

  1. Hide Stuff from the Ceiling

Of course, there is also the opportunity of placing things in a storage net that hangs from the ceiling. If you think about those nets they have in garages – you could be putting a lot of items in there. Most dorm rooms are full of items that college students don’t even need, so placing them high will put them out of mind.

  1. Always Clean Up and De-clutter

Cleaning up is important because you want to get rid of germs. This is why you want to wipe down your desk and other surfaces. However, it is just as important to de-clutter. Whenever you see something on the ground, you want to pick it up and place it where it should go. This will help keep your dorm clean and organized and it will keep your mind in order.

  1. Use a Shoe Bed or Rack in Your Closet

If you have a lot of shoes, there is a good chance that they take up a large portion of your closet floor. If you want to save space, you may want to invest in a shoe bed or rack in your closet. This will keep shoes off the ground. Not only do shoes take up space, but they can also be covered in germs, so you want to avoid contact as much as possible, especially near your clothes.

  1. Place Your Dresser in the Closet

On top of everything, you may want to place your big bulky dresser in your closet. Keeping your dresser out of your dorm room will make it appear bigger and it will be easier to move around in. In the end, dorms are already pretty small, so you want to avoid making it feel even smaller.