10 things we have learned living in New York

Today we want to share 10 things we have learned living in New York,  from within and without sweetening. Which ones would you add?

What is it like to live in New York? In the years that we have been in the Big Apple, our response has been transforming as much as its skyline.

Yes, sometimes you feel like in a movie and it seems like your heart is going to explode. But it is also often an extreme and crazy experience that puts you on the ropes and challenges you to keep growing and accepting that your home has nothing to do with a movie set.

To Enjoy Each Season Of The Year

Perhaps because winter seems endless and autumn and spring last a breath, after a while in New York you learn to enjoy the little pleasures of each season.

From the comfort of a hot coffee when the trees are bare, the gray sky and icy streams sneak between the folds of your scarf. Of the joy and peace of a spring afternoon strolling among daffodils and newly planted tulips.

From a summer afternoon sitting on a terrace or a street bench, with a cold beer or a coffee with ice and that sticky humidity that does not disappear even at nightfall.

In our New York calendar, you will find ideas to enjoy each season of the year, no matter what temperature the thermometer reads.

To Live With The Fomo (Fear Of Missing Out)

You have just moved to New York and you still haven’t even learned your new phone number, but you already know what FOMO is: the anxiety of knowing that a thousand things are happening in the city at the same time and you are missing them because science has not advanced enough to clone you and be everywhere.

Concerts, red carpets, street shows, openings … Whichever plan you choose, there will always be another more promising one and you will never get to everything.

And To Practice The Jomo (Joy Of Missing Out)

Although, after a while, and to preserve your mental health, you end up joining the ranks of JOMO: the pleasure of dedicating yourself to what you most want and not worrying about what plans the city offers that day.

A morning in your pajamas, a lazy breakfast in your neighborhood, a walk in the park or to the market… Even the fiery New Yorkers need to slow down from time to time!

The Meaning Of Privilege

living in New York be privileged

Although life here is not easy, or perhaps precisely because of this, living in New York has made us much more aware of how privileged we are.

Privileged for being able to use the metro on a daily basis. When so many people with a physical problem do not have access to this transport.  Due to the lack of elevators in the stations.

Being able to pay for health insurance allows us to go to the doctor or buy medicine if we need it when so many people are left out of the perverse American health system.

Privileged to be able to pay for purchase full of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket, when so many have to resort to fast food, which is often scandalously cheaper.

Privileged for being able to fight against the adversities that come our way, because we have energy and basic needs covered

It might not be like this: New York is ruthless when one of those pillars fails you.

To Fall In Love With The City

During the first months in the city, you have the feeling that it will never cease to amaze you.

How are you going to get used to the ginormous skyscrapers that grow overnight? The octogenarian with Tiffany glasses walking a better-dressed dog than you in a stroller? To cross the street with the actor you saw last night in a Netflix series?

But, one day, it happens. Or see what is going on around you. And it is that every relationship needs to be taken care of, and the one you have with the Big Apple, too.

After so many years here, we have learned to continually fall in love with the city. Walk with our eyes wide open, and look for new plans to never cease to be amazed at our home. Writing this living in New York guide is a great excuse!

To Consume More Consciously

It’s hard not to become a rampant consumer in the cradle of capitalism: in New York, everything around you is crying out for you to spend more, more, and more.

Money is the fuel that moves the city. Although not all the implications are negative (New York would not be New York without the ambition of its inhabitants). It is easy to fall into the trap of living to work and spending on things that are not you need. And they end up cluttering your tiny apartment.

Something that has helped us to consume more consciously is that, in the neighborhoods, the neighbors exchange many second-hand objects.  Others publish them on the networks and those interested go to pick them up at home.

Knowing that if we need something it is likely that we can get it second hand. Or that we can donate what we no longer use to a neighbor who will take advantage of it. Which made us much more aware of where we invest the money.

Everything Is Temporary

One day, like every morning, you stop by your favorite coffee shop before going to work … and it’s gone. At the door, you are greeted by a For Rent sign.

And it is that, in New York, everything changes very fast and businesses are continually renewed. Either because the rent goes up too much and they cannot afford it or because the owners are thrown into the next adventure.

That continuous transformation that invites new ideas and projects is one of the reasons why the city is so addictive.

But when you’re not just passing through but trying to make New York your home. It’s also hard to watch your landmarks go away (especially if it’s because of real estate speculation).

The Importance Of Diversity

If you get on any line of the New York subway and go through ten or fifteen stations. It is very likely that, during the journey, you will come across a sample of New Yorkers as heterogeneous as the streets of the city.

Here there are a thousand and one skin colors, languages, hairstyles, gastronomies, types of clothes, ideas, religions.  And that eccentric hodgepodge, that enriching diversity. One of the things we miss the most when we travel to other places.

And not only that; Sharing the city with so many types of people also makes us much more aware. Where the system still puts obstacles in the way of many of its inhabitants. And where the Movies or television rarely represent the diversity that is so every day on any New York street.

To Remember Why We Are Here

Living in New York is a roller coaster that takes you through all the possible phases. There are moments of euphoria and happiness in which you cannot imagine how you could live in another place. And you feel that no one looks up or sees you.

Moments of frustration in which you feel that the city is a constant battle and that you will never be victorious. Moments when being so far from yours is more uphill than usual, moments of exhaustion when you would make cars, dirt, and could disappear.

Sinatra sang that  If I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere, and it is true that New York is constant learning and hardens you day by day.

But you also have to keep in mind why you are here, burn it on your skin and walk with determination. Because, although the streets and avenues are numbered, losing the north is very easy.

To Flood Us With Their Energy

Above we have shared some of the shadows of living in New York, but we want to end this article with one of the great things about the city: its unstoppable energy.

In New York, everyone you come across has a dream, a goal, a project that they work tirelessly on. New Yorkers fight, fall, get up, reinvent themselves, and keep fighting for their ambitions.

And those dreams, that tenacity, that creativity, are contagious. Have you ever felt that New York exudes special energy? When it finds you and floods you, suddenly you too are capable of anything.

Enjoy it. Other difficult moments will come, the city will drive you out of your boxes again. But right now, living in New York are beating at the same rate. And the rest can wait.

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