Episode 10254:The Justly Famous Short Rib at Il Buco Alimentaria!

March 26, 2012 10:02 am

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“The discovery of a new dish contributes more to human happiness than the discovery of a new star.” That was observed by Jean Athelme Brillat-Savarin over a century ago, but it might have been said with  Il Buco’s Justin Smillie’s brined and roasted short ribs in mind.

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Oh happy day. and what the hell happened to your button?

I can’t remember everything!

i can’t get enough of the greeze or the open mouth chewing. keep on.

First Josh may I say you are looking good – looks like you have lost a bit of weight. Glad you are back on video.

Big fan of the castelvetrano olives

[...] loves the short rib at Il Buco, of course, but it was the porchetta that I first fell in love with, and tweeted to the world. It [...]

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Pretty Great Looking! Shame I was not able to make it over there…

Succlent looking piece of meat man! Great first post back…

Why can’t I get the video to play thru the website thru safari on my iPad, takes me to Vimeo website and I have to search for video.

Very cool. I have to make this myself (went there a couple months ago).

My wife wanted me to tell you that you really should pronounce the name of the restaurant properly (the way you say it, it sounds like a disease). It is pronounced “VEEN-eh-RE-uh” (rhymes with pizzaria) not “vin-AIR-ee-uh”! Also, it is “al-ih-men-TAR-ee” NOT “al-ih-men-TARE-i-uh” Also, the word for “and” in Italian is pronounced “eh” not “ee” as it would be in Spanish.

Also, what is the dressing on the salad component?

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