Episode 20214:Dough Donuts- The Tasting

May 2, 2011 6:00 am

I recently stopped in at Dough, the acclaimed artisanal doughnut shop in Brooklyn. I went there, talked to its adorable owner, and picked out some doughnuts. I didn’t taste them though, until afterward. I wanted to judge them fairly and with total candor.

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This would have been so much funnier in front of that nice Donut Lady.

hahahahahaha … We have found food he doesn’t like, it does exist !!!

Josh, you completely skewered that woman’s lovely products. I agree. People are too nutty about savory sweets. But at least give her some credit for the beautiful products that she is making. You really reamed her a little too hard.

@ J.T. Naaa if he doesn’t like he doesn’t like thats his opinion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. We all know Josh doesn’t agree with PLATT or SIFTON, their reviews would never stop him from going to enjoy something.

Those are some pretty lame, wussy-man bites you took there. I don’t think one can properly assess the qualities of a donut with so little to chew on. Not enough to roll around inside the mouth to judge the qualities of texture and flavor. Ok, so we get it, you think the glazes don’t have enough sugar in them. Nary a word on the pastry. Was it light? Was it dense? Was it crisp on the outside? Fluffy inside? Moist? Dry? How did the pastry itself taste? Was it nice and yeasty? Was it eggy? Did it have any flavorings, like maybe some vanilla? You “review” is a sham. It’s cloaked in a veneer of supposed unbiased legitimacy, but I can see through you like you can see through a piece of fried fish and chips oil soaked newsprint: this is a hatchet piece. A biased attack meant to support your pre-existing ideology. You disappoint as deeply as you can sometimes enthrall.

Simon, they are tiny bites BECAUSE I HAD assessed the qualities of the doughnuts.

I believe Josh is entitled to his opinion…this is after all why I follow this vlog. In the end, when you buy a donut, you expect it to taste like a donut. Dough’s look pretty, but even without tasting, I can tell it is a somewhat odd pairing of flavor and when you do that, you are bound to have quite a few people that will have the same exact reaction as Josh. New does not always equal improvement, which is why donuts haven’t changed much at least in my lifetime.

[...] Well, I’m very disappointed in myself and in my inability to appreciate good things.” Josh Ozersky takes mincing bites from a “Dough” doughnut, grimacing in disgust. Safely removed from the owner’s gaze, Ozersky samples each variety [...]

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Thanks for the igsniht. It brings light into the dark!

Following up, I tasted a couple of these donuts myself. Yes, the glazes are more subdued in sweetness (yet much more FLAVORFUL) than the prototypical donut. But they are nonetheless delicious. They’re huge too. The pastry is light and airy. Yeasty, and as sweet as they should be. The glazes are definitely more adult tasting. Personally, I’m not into the cloyingly sweet desserts anymore. Even with things that are supposedly, according to some like Josh, meant to be that sweet as represented in the Platonic Ideal Donut Noumenos. So, my conclusion was correct. This was more about Josh’s grudge against the entire craft movement (unless he can get some of it for free.) It’s a political thing. Artisans = progressives, unless those artisans happen to be Daniel Boulud, and Josh being the intelligent yet pathologically conservative that he is, he will contrive and contort his arguments as sophistically and hypocritically as needed to support his constant underlying political grudge.

Or maybe I just didn’t like them.

Also, I’m only gastronomically conservative. I am an ardent leftist.

There’s no argument here, putz. Just honest subjective perception in real time. You’re the sophist.

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