Episode 10165:Pino Luongo Considers His Rivals

January 3, 2011 6:00 am

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We had a long conversation about Italian cooking with Pino Luongo, one of the pioneering restaurateurs. More from that is on the way. But let’s start with Pino surveying the landscape of Italian cooking in New York. By the way, we should add that we love Locanda Verde and eat there all the time.

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Pino Luongo…I love a man who says it like he feels it., without a touch of sarcasm. Do more of him: somehow what comes out of his mouth doesn’t seem antogonistic with an agenda which is rare of the younger chef/restauranteurs of today. Of course when you have proven yourself this long in a city like New York you have the’ rights’ to say it as you feel it.

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Josh, what was that dish you had, the first one brought out with the light green stuff and the reddish brown stuff? Even though I can’t tell what it is (some kind of cavatelli? a braised meat covered in sauce?), it looks great.

It was pot roast with cavatelli…it was good.

Remember Carm, “sticks and stones” don’t waste your breath … Anyway Carm you rock and wherever you cook, your place is always booked, COCO-PAZZO went out of business if I don’t recall and died a long slow expensive death…

Hey Pino, you have the nerve to diss other well respected chefs and you put your name on crap like this:


HAHAHA… All I can do is just laugh…

no adress with the latino rest.

What was the name of the restaurant that Pino like towards the end of the spot?

Thanks! I’ll have to have some. Happy New Year and keep up the great work, I love what you’re doing, even if I don’t always agree with you or your methods :) You’re one of my eating heroes.

@Scott: are you asking about Chef Cesare Casella’s “Salumeria Rosi?”

This guy isn’t relevant in any shape or form in the NYC Italian dinning scene. In other words: your restaurant is SHIT. How can you attack Mark Ladner and the brilliant staff of Del Posto? I used to cook there and I know 1st hand that Del Posto is legitimately a great restaurant. The place is fantastic, a true Italian Fine dinning MECCA. Marea is one of the 5 BEST RESTAURANTS in all of NYC period. Don’t even let me start about Andrew C…LV is such an amazing place. It always feels warm. It always jam packed. The food is amazing and Andrew is one of the best technical cooks that has ever cooked in NYC.

What else can I say? sometimes Josh interviews very irrelevant people like this IDK why…A segment with Marcus @ Red Rooster would have been way better. Or a tour through Per Se.

[...] week’s highly controversial Pino Luongo interview made it look like all the guy does is sit around bashing his rivals. We actually talked to him [...]

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He’s so right though! Locanda Verde is so salty and not at all prepared with care. It’s pumped out for the high turnover crowd and by the way they are not friendly! Waitstaff are idiots!! I’ve been there several times and except for the ricotta, the food was sloppy.

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