Episode 10169:What Mimi Sheraton Had Right — And Wrong

January 12, 2011 6:00 am

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Former Times critic Mimi Sheraton unloaded on Brooklyn and the current state of dining  earlier this week, and David Kamp related another example of the acerbic writer’s speen in an Eater post after that. I am usually with Mimi, but this time I had to disagree. Though not about Brooklyn. She is so right about that.

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you know there are many fukata ‘bloggers’ out there without pedigrees who make noise and get heard much more than the ones with pedigrees who no longer have print media to put forth to us their expertise. What happens is that expertise gets lost among the internet food mediums and sometimes the only way tfor a maven like Mimi Sheraton or Frank Bruni of late, to get heard is through frustration; shocking blog posts to create attention (perhaps egged on by young PR people who know not about promoting ones client ethically) and unfortunately we look to Eater.com to get our ‘current information.’

You are right about the cooks; the unsung heroes we hear nothing about; but Josh: why do we hear nothing about them? Is it because ‘Celebrity’ and gossip and Food Bloggers have taken control of what was once an industry of distinction?

I don’t know about other industry online and in the media as much as I do about food for the last three years and all I see is downhill spins…there exists no more expertise; it is being replaced by at a last ditch effort in television media to stay alive; print media is already on a downhill spin; and it is so important to make sure that the people who made the Food Industry an Industry don’t get lost in the shuffle for the newest and the bestest…

we are just fighting to make sure People Will Not Forget…unfortunately the internet lives in the here and now and next. The past is certainly forgotton in an age when 15 minutes away from the internet is an eternity in life.

Josh, I think you missed your calling as the next Celine Dion! –Patricia

Josh new mention of your bud PINO LUONGO? Hmmm…

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