Episode 10112:In Defense of DiFara

September 13, 2010 8:00 am

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With all due respect to Jeffrey Steingarten, DiFara’s Pizza is the best pizza in New York City (and probably the world). Anyone who says otherwise, even the most erudite of men, should have their head examined.

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[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by raphael brion, Josh Ozersky. Josh Ozersky said: IN which I stand up for DiFara, even against the word of Steingarten: http://ozersky.tv/2010/09/difara/ [...]

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Nonsense. It’s maybe the fifth best, if that.

I remain steadfast in my belief that the DiFara’s love is because they’re the best pizza in a relatively obscure area that most people wouldn’t go out of their way for, giving those foodies who do go out of their way something to feel “special” about and hold over the heads of their friends, as if they’re in some secret club.

Maybe you need to arrange a blind tasting – DiFara’s, Totonno’s (Coney Island), John’s, Patsy’s (Harlem), and Grimaldi’s. Be difficult to keep them all warm, yes, but I’m sure you could figure something out.

Josh, pizza a more perfect food than hamburgers?


More of that instead of jazz music…

PS – Because of your adds which I have succumbed to I am buying me some Yoplait… Ya Yoplait!!! Pineapple flavor…

Excellent video.

The slices looked incredible. Simply amazing pizza at DiFara’s!

Thanks guys! The slices tasted even better than they looked.

Jeffrey Steingarten

If one compares Di Fara’s to John’s, Grimaldi, etc., as I might have done until a year ago, Di Fara’s possibly holds its own. But we live in a new world of pizza, of Motorino, Eataly, Keste, Roberta’s, and soon Donatella. Olio and Paulie G’s need to improve only a little to join the others. That’s where the competition is now. And I know of nobody who has eaten at Pizza Bianco in Phoenix (don’t worry: Chris Bianco is from the Bronx) who also favors Di Fara’s.

The highlight: at 2:12, when Josh sticks his greasy fingers into the oregano, completely ignoring the spoon.

So what you’re basically saying, Jeffrey, is that you’ve bought into the style-de-la-décennie that is the new OLD world of neapolitan style pizza and everything else can go to hell?
This casts light on Di Fara how?
Di Fara was there way before any of those Neo-politan places and will be remembered long after they have faded into the background. When the inevitable neapolitan backlash happens, I wonder whether you’ll be holding the same opinion or perhaps you’ll go back to championing Pizza Bianca as the ultimate flatbread?

There was a spoon there?

Grimaldi’s is a tourist trap with marginal pizza. Josh is right, its the ingredients that make it. Ive tasted no other pizza like it, the flavors are so sharp, the grana padano is beautiful and Dom’s imported Israel basil is the cherry on top.

I live in LA but last time I was in NYC I made a special trip out to DiFara’s.

Josh, your video shows the main problem that I had with the pizza. I did think the Sicilian was excellent. The taste of both the regular and the Sicilian was very good, but I just didn’t like the crust on the original. You describe it as “beautifully crisp” and your video shows that it is exactly not that–it’s just floppy.

I prefer a much more crisp crust. Not a totally crisp crust but watch your video again, with a neutral eye, as you describe the crust as crisp…

Lucali’s anyone, anyone? AHHHH

I was initially out for blood on Jeffrey when I heard he was taking down Dom, but after reading his full comments on Slice and the post above, I can’t help but agree with him. I truly love Di Fara, but Bianco and Keste and Motorino are simply superior. More complex, just better. It’s not a trend, it’s a higher level of pizza.

The hell it is. Motorino, et al. have none of the power of Di Fara, no balls. They’re bland and boring, with cheese that loses all its milk and tomatoes that lose all their acid and sweetness. The bread is dry and the whole thing is a snooze. Dom’s pies have so much flavor; I don’t see how anybody could compare them. The low-moisture mozzarella is key; it ties the whole thing together.

Pizza in Naples was always a humble food – one of the ‘common’ people not hipsters and fashionistas. Pizza in America was ONCE much the same until corporate domination obscured the importance and value of the local mom-and-pop pizza joint.

American pizza is dealing with an pizza identity crisis.

The new-school “artisanal” pizzaiolos need to take the “authenticity” blinkers off, stop listening to Naples salesmen with their organisations and rules of questionable veracity and start paying attention to the ingredients, food culture and most importantly PEOPLE around them.

The pizza looked good, for my taste and bias, I like a very crispy bread. The pizza was too thin to be crispy. What is disappointing about yr clip was the lack of recipe. What kind of flour? Durum. 00, winter red wheat, semelina, AP, WW or a combination? What’s the hydration? How is red sauce made? You need to spend the time with the sauce maker to see exactly how it is done. What kind of tomatoes. What are the othere ingredients? You must show the assembly and temp & time of cooking.

That takes a lot of time, I know, and even more editing. But if you want to have video that is something more than watching mastication and comment, we need to see how it is excellent. We need to watch its history. The perfect food deserves a higher caliber of presentation.

it does not appear crisp at all.

Jeffery S. , Seth G and others are missing the point. What makes Difara great is it’s uniqueness. All of the other “Neapolitan style” places do make great pizza (only talking about the basic cheese type pie here) and though each is a bit different, they are all cut from the same flavor profile. Dom has created his own flavor profile which is much more than just making a great pizza, it’s more like creating a new dish and he needs to be recognized for this fantastic accomplishment. Who is the “best” is a totally pointless argument IMO but that Dom DeMarco created something deliciously unique cannot be denied.

I’m a native New Yorker. Been to every pizza spot in the city, and all the new ones that have popped-up in recent years. DIFARA is a religious eating experience, the best pizza I have ever had by a mile. Jeffrey Stiengarten might be the boss, but in this case he is most certainly out of his mind. All the new contenders are bland in comparison to Dom’s pies. He is the pizza god, and I just pray that Jr. is able to keep the temple going once Dom can no longer throw the dough.

Get to Midwood, try this pizza, and then make your comment. Mr. Ozersky is not exaggerating, this is most definitely the best pizza in the US, if not the world…

Doesn’t anyone actually notice that I don’t chew my food properly?

Great Video. “DiFara Is Thee BEST” I Love Toronno’s, Luzzo’s, and John’s. But to me Dom DeMarco makes The # 1 best Pizza in all New York. Baking the pie perfectly with Tomato, Olive Oil, & Mozzarell and Then The Finishing Touch of The fresh Grated (Uncooked Grana), Olive Oil and fresh cut Basil before he sends a Pizza out is Genius and the Extra Touch that makes His Pizza so “Perfectly Good” And he does it with a gas fired oven. No matter, No Pizza tatse better than a Pizza made at Difara by Dom DeMarco. I’ve eaten Pizza all over Napoli and on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and they are Great, and The American master of Pizza, Mr Dom DeMarco can hold his own with anyone in Naples.
Josh, I’ll give you a sleeper of one of New York’s Best Pizzas. It is One of New York’s Best, including all New York. Ever hear of Bella Blue? The Pizza there can compete with Totonno’s, John’s, and yes even Dom DeMarco and Difara Pizza. Trust me! Do yourself a favor and head up to Lexington Avenue one day and order a perfectly fired Margherita (Wood Oven). I’m sure you’ll thank be someday. And if you’re wondering how I know you’ve never been there, it’s because I know with your taste and passion for Pizza and great food, if you had ever been there you would have made a great video on your surprise and atonishment that a place on NY’S Upper East Side could possible make Pizza among The Best of the Best of New York.
Daniel, Greenwich Village

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