Episode 10065:Josh Makes a “Smoke Burger”

July 2, 2010 6:00 am

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It’s well-known that I don’t really like grilled burgers, and that when I do make them, they tend to be flat. But there is a time and place for a big burger — that time and place being when you have hot, smouldering hardwood in a Weber kettle grill. Here’s how to make a big, smoky burger.

4 Responses to “Josh Makes a “Smoke Burger””

For a fat burger, that looked pretty damn good.

For a fat man, he looks pretty damn gout.

Josh chew with mouth closed… You did in the beginning and end, lips smacking not appealing pal…

[...] But if you want further instruction, I’ve demonstated this method many times, including here and here. Go and do likewise! The perfect hamburger awaits [...]

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