Episode 10037:I Just Love Bill’s Bar & Burger. I Do.

May 21, 2010 8:00 am

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Bill’s Bar & Burger is fixing to open a giant 700-seat burger paradise in Rockefeller Center, but the original, in the Meatpacking, is still one of my favorite burgers in New York, or anywhere. The why, and my defiance about loving it, form the central theme of this video.

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[...] the latest episode of Ozersky TV, Josh Ozersky declares his love for Bill’s Bar and Burger in the Meatpacking District and [...]

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Josh list us your top five burgers from 1-5, i am confused my man on which is your fav?

Take a ride to the WHITE MANOR in Hackensack, New Jersey. Killer burgers.

I’d like to see your current Top 5 or Tope 10 as well Josh. I’m also confused on your top 5, though I know you now have Brindle Burger as # 1 .. What’s the order of the rest? Dito to King of Pig, White Manna in Hackensack is one of the Best in America. And Josh, I’m with you on Bill’s being one of the Best Burgers in town. Bill is in my Top 5 with Shake Shack, JG Melon, and The Luger Burger.
Greenwich Village NY NY

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